Being a Palace Guard

Being a Palace Guard

Becoming a Palace Guard is a unique opportunity for personal accomplishment. 

Being part of the Company means offering the Prince and the Principality complete devotion combined with a strong personal commitment. It is an investment that might be compared to the priesthood.

Ensuring the security of the Royal Family, honouring the Family and carrying out the various missions assigned by the Family on a daily basis is a rare privilege. Serving means guaranteeing the Sovereign and the Principality a peaceful environment in which they can continue to prosper and plan for the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

However, the profession of Palace Guard is not without its challenges. An irregular schedule, shift work and the availability required may be aspects that can restrict life choices. This is a career that also means choosing to be versatile and to combine tradition with the modern world. It guarantees a fast-paced working life that is never dull.

Those who take the time to understand and get to know this 200-year-old military system will discover a unit where cohesion and mutual assistance are important values. 
Associations, developing sportsmanship, events – these are all examples of aspects of a Palace Guard’s life where the aim is to bond a group of people and alleviate everyday challenges.

Contributing to a positive image of Monaco is not without sacrifice, but the effort is well worth it. 
Becoming a Palace Guard, guarantees a life rich in learning, events and emotions.
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