The Palace Guards competition is divided into two phases: 
The eligibility tests:  candidates are tested on general knowledge and physical fitness (take place over two days)
The ranking determines participation in the admission tests. 
Admission tests: applicants undergo medical and psychological tests, interviews and a conduct test (these last five days).



Eligibility tests

General knowledge  

The general knowledge tests at brevet (secondary school diploma) level involve:

  • Dictation
  • General culture test
  • Written expression
  • Oral expression on a topical subject
  • A mathematics test at secondary school diploma level (a non-programmable calculator is allowed)

Physical aptitude

The physical aptitude tests involve :

  • Aquatic Ability: 100 metres followed by 10 metres underwater
    Cardiorespiratory endurance:  Running for 12 minutes
    General muscular ability: sequence of three muscle activity sessions with no rest period, followed by a core strength exercise

Admission tests

The admission tests take place over five days, during which time candidates undergo medical and psychological tests, interviews and a behavioural test.

Medical examinations
Blood test
Functional respiratory exploration
X-ray of the lungs
Ophthalmological examination
Audiometric examination
Psychological questionnaire and interview with a psychologist 
Recruitment interviews
Behavioural test on tatami mats

Subject to the places available, the jury will make a final ranking in order of merit. New Palace Guards are enlisted after approval by H.S.H. The Sovereign Prince.