For more than two hundred years, the Palace Guards has served the Sovereign Prince and His Family.


The Palace Guards has served His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince, His Family and the Principality for more than two centuries.

It combines a sense of duty with efficiency, and professionalism with exemplary conduct. 
Our mission is to serve; this demands unwavering commitment and tireless determination. 

Self-sacrifice, discretion and courage guide the Palace Guards to pursue excellence. 
Although it has a strong attachment to its past, the unit knows how to look forward; it is a modern, dynamic institution that never stands still. 

The men who make up this institution are proud, modest, disciplined and well-adjusted. 

By browsing this website, you will be able to immerse yourself to a certain extent in this elite corps, to discover its many different facets and its subtleties.

You will learn what makes it unique and what lies at its heart, this prestigious unit which adheres to its motto: “Honour, Loyalty and Devotion”. 
Commander Gilles Convertini, Head of the Palace Guards 


Since it was founded in 1817, the mission of the Company of Palace Guards has been:

  • To guard the Palace, with a changing of the guard ceremony each day at 11.55 am
  • To ensure the security of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince and the Princely Family
  • To furnish the Sovereign Prince with an honour guard 
  • To ensure that laws are enforced and contribute to maintaining public order

In the Principality, the Palace Guards provides an honour guard in full-dress uniform. When requested, it escorts the judiciary. It takes part in official, civil and religious ceremonies, military reviews and parades.
The Company currently has 124 men: 3 officers, 5 senior noncommissioned officers, 19 noncommissioned officers and 97 privates.