Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince

Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince

For 50 years, l'Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince has accompanied life on the Rocher Monégasque.
Tradition and modernity.

Composition of the OCP

L’Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince is essentially made up of brass and wind instruments.

Trumpets, trombones and saxophones form its core.

Over the last few years, it has added strings, keyboards and a singer on an occasional basis, in order to respond as effectively as possible to its multi-faceted remit.

So, whatever the performance, it has an eclectic and rich repertoire combining tradition and modernity.

Recruiting musicians

Recruited on the basis of a Certificat d'Études Musicales (C.E.M) or Diplôme d'Études Musicales (D.E.M), future musician candidates undergo a preliminary audition to determine their real added value.

All instruments are accepted, and every application is examined.

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Official recordings

  1. Garde à vous
  2. À l'Étendard
  3. Aux Honneurs
  4. Hymne National instrumental
  5. Hymne National chanté
  6. Marche des Soldats de Robert Bruce
  7. Les Dragons de Noailles
  8. Ouvrez, Fermez le ban
  9. La Marche du Prince Jacques