Operational Communication, Transmission and Information Technology Unit

Operational Communication, Transmission and Information Technology Unit
The Operational Communication, Transmission and Information Technology Unit (SITCO) was established in February 2010. Its remit is to provide the Palace Guards with all of the operational services of a command post. 

It coordinates management of the radio network, and manages video surveillance and access to the Prince’s Palace and to the barracks.

Operators are trained in operational and technical skills, and in the use of IT tools.


The Communication Unit promotes the Company’s image.

It makes use of traditional media, radio, television and the press, as well as a variety of digital options, including a website and social media.

The unit’s staff have a deep knowledge of IT tools and communications techniques.



Human Resources Management Office

The Human Resources Management Office focuses on planning the schedules for the various units.

It centralises directives from the Prince’s Palace and the Head of the Palace Guards, then coordinates the human resources required to carry out the different missions.

In addition to the daily tasks of the different units, a number of events are supported.

Administrative and Financial Unit

This unit comprises two teams: the secretariat and the accounts team.

The secretariat is responsible for correspondence with the secretariat’s of higher authorities and authorities external to the Company.

Its remit is as follows:

  • Recording and filing post
  • Sending official correspondence
  • Reviewing requests and reports
  • Drafting recurring documents

The accounts team manages the unit’s accounts. It centralises and transmits invoices and supporting documentation to enable suppliers, duties and allowances of various types to be paid. It generates administrative orders, updates staff logbooks and issues payments in accordance with purchases made.

Staff in the Administrative and Financial Unit have excellent knowledge of IT tools and receive training during the year on Office software (Word and Excel) and Photoshop.