Barracks life

Barracks life

Technical units


The Palace Guards includes numerous trades who maintain the barracks and provide the unit with a certain degree of autonomy.

Soldiers who are also plumbers, bricklayers, painters, joiners and engravers work on a daily basis to maintain the premises.

There is a technical service dedicated to landscaping and improving the green spaces. 



The role of the Company’s garage is to maintain, repair and clean its fleet of vehicles. 

To do this, it has access to:

  • vehicle lifts
  • a spray booth
  • a washing and drying area with a wastewater recovery facility

The staff who work here are trained mechanics and body repair specialists.


Foyer bar, Mess


The Foyer-Bar is a warm, friendly place where soldiers can meet up to chat and network.
A place for socialising and sharing, it is operated by a dynamic team of Palace Guards.

Located on the top floor of the barracks, it offers a panoramic view over the Principality and the Mediterranean.
The Company’s mess provides staff meals for the Palace Guards, offering a menu for soldiers and their families.

It provides logistical support during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Historic Grand Prix and E-Prix events.

It is located within the barracks and has a professional kitchen run by civilian staff. It is managed under the leadership of a Palace Guard.




The role of the Initiatives and Events Unit is to propose activities and events for all soldiers and their families. 

It negotiates discounted rates much like a works council would do, organises themed events that allow people to come together (Candlemas, Halloween, Christmas Tree), offers daytime activities (motorcycling, wakeboarding and skiing trips) and internal challenges (card tournaments) or evening events (raffles, picnics).